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Full Movie: Parents Away, Kids Will Play

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Full Movie: Parents Away, Kids Will Play

Parents Away, Kids Will Play

Honey moved back in with her parents a few months ago to save some cash on rent while she figures a few things out, but it can be so frustrating to have guys over! They are always around and butting in, so any kind of sexy alone time just never seems to work. But this weekend, the 'rents are out of town! So it's now or never with her and her bae Isiah.

She invites Isiah Maxwell over, and when he arrives she lets him know that they have the house all to themselves. They decide to skip over the usual Netflix and popcorn, and go upstairs to her room.

Honey directs her man over to the bed and gives him one hell of a sexy dance. The truth is, it's not only the first time in a long time her parents have been gone, but they've never even had the chance to hook up yet, so tonight is the night!

Isiah feels his pants begin to tighten around his growing cock. Honey can see it too. It makes her wet. It makes her crave a thick slice of that meat. That fat dick just wants to rip out of his pants, like the Hulk in a fit of rage.

She reaches into Isiah's pants and pulls out his dick. It's so much bigger and thicker than she expected! Her mouth is watering for it. Taking it into her mouth, she could almost cum just from the taste.

Slurping up and down, she can feel her own pussy quiver with excitement. Juices start to run down her leg just as Isiah starts to finger her. His touch fills her with excitement. She spreads her legs wide to for him.

Pushing Isiah back, Honey reverse cowgirls him. Her ass slapping against his thighs and mesmerizingly jiggling with every bounce. His moans make her want to see him, so she turns around and continues to ride. Isiah returns the favor by riding her doggy style, every thrust bringing her closer. Close to finishing, he asks her where she wants the first, delicious load. She begs for him to finish in her mouth. He obliges.

Released:Mar 28, 2020
Length:21 min

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