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Full Movie: Birthday Sex With Sailor Luna

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Full Movie: Birthday Sex With Sailor Luna

Birthday Sex With Sailor Luna

Beautiful blonde, Sailor Luna, and Conor Coxxx are sitting on the couch...and today, May 26, is their mutual birthday! Today, Sailor turns 20...and they want to have birthday sex. They want to have birthday sex with someone who actually shares the same birthday. Sailor and Conor start to kiss, and Conor strips off her pants. He begins to rub her pussy gently, and shoves his fingers deep inside of her. Sailor lays back as Conor licks her pussy, and fingers her. Sailor lifts up her skirt, showing off her big breasts. Conor kisses and licks Sailor's pussy as she moans, and plays with her nipples. Sailor takes off Conor's pants, and starts to suck his cock. She sucks the head, and deep throats every inch of him. Sailor licks Conors giant balls, and sucks his cock while stroking it with her hands. Conor lays Sailor back on the couch, and shoves his cock deep inside of her pussy. Conor kisses Sailor, as he pounds her pussy and she moans in pleasure. Sailor's eyes roll into the back of her head as Conor fucks her harder. Sailor lays her head off the side of the couch, and lets Conor fuck her throat. Sailor licks Conor's asshole, then goes back to taking all of his cock down her throat. She licks his balls, and shoves his cock back down her throat. Sailor licks Conor's asshole more, then he flips her over..and starts to lick her asshole. Conor licks Sailor's pussy and asshole, then shoves his cock inside of her pussy. Conor fucks Sailor hard from behind as she cries out and plays with her clit. Sailor jumps on top, straddling Conors massive cock. She shoves his hard dick inside of her pussy, and starts to bounce her ass up and down. Sailor's ass cheeks slap on Conor's thighs as she bounces. Conor lays back, and Sailor starts to suck his cock. She licks his balls and asshole as she strokes his cock with her hands. Sailor bends over the bed again, and Conor fucks her from behind. Sailor rubs her clit as Conor fucks her. They turn to the side, and Conor shoves his cock in and out of Sailors tight pussy. Conor climbs on top of Sailor, with one of her legs over him. Conor fucks Sailor until he cums all over her red pussy. "That was successful birthday sex!"

Released:Oct 18, 2020
Director:Conor Coxxx
Length:45 min

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